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100' Free-Standing Cat Enclosure System
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 Purrfect Fence Spring Loaded Arm

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Why Purr...fect Fence?
Purr...fect Cat Fence has been keeping thousands of cats safe for close to twenty years. We are the only cat containment system with a pivoting arm at the top. Our patented design ensures that even the craftiest cats can't escape. Our cat enclosures can be installed free-standing or added to an existing fence or wall to make it cat-proof. Give your cats the freedom they deserve to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their safety.
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LARGE YARD? SPECIAL OFFER! Buy (2-3) price is $949 ea, Buy (4+) price is $895 ea (discount will show when added to cart).

NOTE: We are currently offering a money-saving kit of (1) Free-Standing Cat Containment System and (1) 30" Gate for $1,095... To buy this money saving kit click COMBO and you will save $79 over buying a single 100' Free-Standing Cat Containment System + one 30" Gate separately.

Our Price: $995.00



The extremely strong yet flexible poly mesh makes climbing very difficult, but the safeguards for our cat containment systems are the
Cat-Proofer™ extender arms which enable the entire upper section of the fence to pivot. The cat's weight causes these horizontal extension arms to swing downward, safely returning your pet to the ground. Once the cat's weight is released from the mesh, the spring-loaded extenders immediately return the upper section of the fence to its horizontal position.

 Purrfect Fence - Height A single 100' Free-Standing Cat Containment System is designed to secure a perimeter of 100 linear feet but you can construct the system to suit your needs and can use multiple kits to make your system as big as you would like.
A single kit made into a square would be 25' x 25' (625 square feet) but most customers use the back of their house as a "side" allowing a kit to make a bigger overall enclosure and easier access for the cats. One example of a single kit enclosure off the back of a house would be 28' x 43' (so 28' out from the house - over 43' and back 28') making an enclosure that is 1,204 square feet. A two kit enclosure off the back of a house could be 65' x 65' (so 65' out from the house - over 65' and back 65') making an enclosure that is 4,225 square feet.

Our system is built to last. The posts, arms and welded wire are galvanized steel with a black powder coating and all the arm hardware and spring are stainless. All other metal components are galvanized or stainless steel and the plastic fence UV stabilized with carbon black and chemical UV inhibitors.

The system is designed to be installed by homeowner so it is not difficult to do (site dependent). If it is something you do not want to do yourself we would recommend using a local handyman. An instructional DVD is included along with written instructions. We are also available to help you figure out how to use our systems on your property and can also talk/email you through almost any unforeseen obstacles you may run into during installation: 888-280-4066 or email Sending pictures can be helpful :)

Tools & Accessories
30" Gate 2 Post Kit 100' Free Standing Cat Kit & 30" Gate Combo Hog Ringer & 2,500 Hog Rings
Our Price: $179.00

Our Price: $159.00

Our Price: $1,095.00

Our Price: $129.00

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Kit of (4) Heavy Duty Corner Post Assemblies Zip Tie Puller / Cutter
Our Price: $359.00

Our Price: $29.00